Open Mic - Mansion House

Fri Mar 09, 2018

I took another ride into Carbon County, to the Mansion House in Summit Hill. Summit Hill is located on top of the Pisgah Ridge between...

Open Mic - Broadway Grill

Fri Mar 02, 2018

I haven't written about open mics for awhile. It's not that I haven't been attending, actually in the past month or two I've been to...

Open Mic Doubleheader

Hava Java and Art Quest

Thu Feb 22, 2018

I did a Open Mic doubleheader last night in the Lehigh Valley. I been recording a new song called The Breaker Boys, a rockin tune...

New Photos Coming Soon

Thu Feb 22, 2018

This week I met with a photographer to do some promo pics for the website and press kit. I'll be checking them out this weekend.

Open Mic - Sarah Street Grill

Wed May 03, 2017

Tonite I’m again making my way north-east to the Poconos town of Stroudsburg to visit the Sarah Street Grill. I’ve got plenty to time to...

Open Mic - Mike's Tavern

Wed Mar 29, 2017

To the northeast valley of Reading
Under a clear dusky sky, I'm heading
To Mike's Tavern
It's a cozy city cavern
Hidden in an alley off 61
Got there before...

Open Mic - Burning Bridge Tavern

Wed Feb 15, 2017

It's Wednesday night. Diaspora isn't practicing tonight so I'm heading out for an open mic. This one will be a stretch on my self imposed...

Open Mic - Telus 360 (Kinda)

Mon Feb 06, 2017

It's been a mild winter here in Berks county but tonite there was a bit of snow. I just passed Berkshire Mall on 222 and...

Godfrey Daniels Best of Open Mic

Got the Gig!

Mon Jul 11, 2016

Got the Gig!

Aug 14th I'll be performing with 3 other fine open-mic talents at the Red Stag Pub Liederplatz stage. Somewhere between 12:00 and 1:00...

Wear your Helmet!

And Maybe Elbow Pads

Tue May 24, 2016

A few weeks ago my wife and I were riding our mountain bikes around Blue Marsh Lake. It was quite a workout. Ten miles into...

Open Mic - Chameleon Club

Lizard Lounge

Mon Apr 18, 2016

When I was at Bube's Brewery the week prior I picked up an entertainment paper and combed through it. I discovered the Chameleon Club, in...

Open Mic - Bube's Brewery

Thu Apr 07, 2016

This was my second journey to Lancaster County. It was an overcast night. In the south I could see Lancaster city illuminating low hanging clouds....

Open Mic - Rabbit and Dragonfly

Tue Mar 29, 2016

Spring has arrived. Its warmer and greener. Today I headed south to Lancaster county, to The Rabbit and Dragonfly for an open mic. The 222...

My Glass Head / Your Double Helix 7" Vinyl

My First Official Release of Music in Years

Sat Mar 05, 2016

It's gotta be vinyl!

I grew up on vinyl. The first 45s I can remember buying were Elton John/Crocodile Rock and The Who/Pinball Wizard. The first...

Open Mic - Godfrey Daniels

Sun Feb 21, 2016

I misjudged the travel time and arrived late, around 7:10. The tiles were cast which meant I'd be the last performer. Perhaps this was pay...

Open Mic - Hava Java

Fri Feb 19, 2016

This Friday night Michele & I took a drive to Allentown to visit Hava Java. The coffeeshop was featured in a series of articles on...

Recording and Mixing Vocals

Loop Recording

Sat Jan 30, 2016

Press record, quickly get to the mic, sing, get up, press stop, rewind, listen, stop, rewind, find the right spot, press record...again, and again, and...

Open Mic - Boxcar Brewing Company

Wed Jan 27, 2016

This month many planets are in alignment. I'm pretty sure I was following Jupiter southeast as I made my way to West Chester and Boxcar...

Recording and Mixing Vocals

Recording Signal Level

Sat Jan 16, 2016

It's been a couple weeks since my last post on this subject. I've been recording vocals for two songs and taking note of the process.


Recording and Mixing Vocals

Mic Positioning

Thu Dec 31, 2015

In previous posts we talked about mics and preamps a make-shift vocal booth and getting a mic in place. Now the focus is on the...

Singer-Songwriter night at Havana

Wed Dec 30, 2015

It was a foggy night. It's a been a foggy couple weeks here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Michele and I headed out to New Hope for...

Recording and Mixing Vocals

The Room and Initial Mic Positioning

Tue Dec 08, 2015

Let's talk about the room. I'm recording in a bedroom about 15L x 10W x 8H. Plaster walls and ceiling. Pine wood floor with an...

Recording and Mixing Vocals

Microphone and Preamp

Wed Dec 02, 2015

I've read countless articles on mics and preamps. Forums like Gearslutz are fantastic for learning how the pros think in detail and nuance about every...

Recording and Mixing Vocals


Tue Dec 01, 2015

If you're like me you search the web for tricks, tips, and any bit of knowledge to help with all things recording and mixing. I'm...

Open Mic - Godfrey Daniels

Sun Nov 29, 2015

Traffic was heavy on the way to Bethlehem. Lots of travelers making their way home after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Godfrey's had a lighter listening audience and...

Open Mic - Godfrey Daniels

Mon Nov 16, 2015

Had the honor of performing at the famous Lehigh listing room, Godfrey Daniels. Something different for me, they don't have a signup sheet, rather you...

Open Mic - Other Farm Brewing Co.

Thu Nov 12, 2015

Headed east on Rt73 to Boyertown to Other Farm Brewing. OFB is a young start up. They started brewing beer two years ago. The front...

Open Mic - Chaplin's

Sun Nov 08, 2015

Took a ride to Spring City to visit Chaplin's for an open mic. I've been wanting to go there for quite a while. This is...

Open Mic - SteelStacks

Thu Nov 05, 2015

Diaspora's had some time off from a busy schedule so I'm getting out to some open mics.

Signed up as the last performer and settled...

Pink Floyd

Syd Barrett

Fri Sep 11, 2015

Pink Floyd was a major influence in many ways. I've been listening and studying a lot of music by this time and I noticed how...


Mon Jul 27, 2015

Most people may know Beck from his song 'Loser' which goes back to 1994. Maybe 'Where it's At' from his 1996 album, Odelay.

Beck accomplishes something...

Robyn Hitchcock

Mon Jul 20, 2015

Fast forward to a present singer/songwriter of big influence. Robyn Hitchcock is what I'd think of as a modern eccentric Brit, at least musically.

Robyn has...


Sat Jul 11, 2015

Growing up, I really liked the British Invasion: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Kinks. I followed them all from the mid...

My Glass Head Makes its Singing Debut

Sat Jun 21, 2014

I've been recording a song entitled My Glass Head. I wanted to create a different vocal sound in the beginning and end of the song....

A great evening at SteelStacks

Fri Jun 20, 2014

I made a last minute decision to take a drive out to SteelStacks, in Bethlemhem, for an open mic. During the summer open mics are...